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How much would you pay to improve the accuracy of your weapon?

Long Range Precision .

The product can increase the accuracy of standard hunting rifles with optical scopes and speedometers by up to 30%. This is due to the correct alignment between the shooter's eye and the focus of the optics.

Thanks to the fine adjustment of the cheek pad, it can be adjusted for each shooter, so that when aiming, the correct mutual position of the head, eye and optical device is achieved, which significantly reduces the possibility of error. The cheek pad allows for a firm attachment to stocks of various shapes.


Long Range Precision (LRP) was founded by former military, current hunters and long-range shooters. Every LRP product is tested in real-world conditions and modeled according to the needs of the shooters. We understand all the intricate details behind the accurate shot. We also know that each person has a different skull and face shape.

That's why we created the Universal Cheek Rest. It personalizes even the standard hunting stocks, turning the weapon into a high-precision sniper rifle.

The Universal Cheek Rest serves to adjust the level of the eye relative to the optics. This is an important detail for quick aiming and precision shooting, because the Universal Cheek Rest allows the head to be positioned in the same way every time. The four screws allow for height adjustment of up to 3 cm. Mounting is very quick and easy with the help of three straps and the anti-slip tape that is placed on the stock. It serves both to stabilize the accessory and to protect the stock from scratches. If you need to remove the Universal Cheek Rest, the setting you made remains the same for when you want to put it back on.

Technical specs:

The Universal Cheek Rest is made of two pieces of laser-cut thermopolymer. The lower part serves to fix the Cheek Rest to the stock with the help of three tightening straps.

Included in the kit are two additional extra-long straps that are swapped out for a thicker stock.

The kit comes with a non-slip strip that is placed between the stock and the Universal Cheek Rest.

The product is compatible with all standard stocks.

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