Barricade Bag Camo. Price: 34 EU

  • Brand: LRP Long Range Precision
  • Cat No:BBC01

Long Range Precision (LRP) was founded by former military, current hunters and long-range shooters. We know how important stability during shooting is, especially if you only get one shot.

With its design, the Lightweight Barricade Bag is suitable for hunting, because with the weight of 1.4 kg it is significantly lighter than the sports version Barricade Waxed Canvas Bag PRO, which weighs 3.8 kg. This makes it comfortable for long hiking. Its shape was developed to provide adequate support from any shooting position, incl. from a rock, log, branch and other natural structures. In competitive or tactical shooting, it provides great stability even in specific positions, for example from the door or window of a car. Depending on how it is placed, it is designed to give a stable support even on a half-open car window!

Technical specs:

The Lightweight Barricade Bag is made of two types of high-strength waterproof fabric, and in the upper part, with which the weapon comes into contact, the fabric is softer and provides maximum ergonomics and stabilization.

It is equipped with a sturdy handle at one end, which helps to carry it quickly and conveniently. There is an opening that closes with Velcro, through which the filling of the bag can be adjusted.

The filling is made of plastic granules, which makes it stable but light.

Dimensions: height 13 cm, length 20 cm, width 11 cm.

Weight: 1.4 kg.

Filling: plastic granules

Available in two colors: camo and black.


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