LRP Barricade Bag Waxed Canvas PRO /waxed/ Price: 59 EU

  • Brand: LRP Long Range Precision
  • Cat No:BBW01

Long Range Precision (LRP) was founded by former military, current hunters and long-range shooters. We know how important stability during shooting is, especially if you only get one shot. Every LRP product is created by long-range shooters, and tested in real competitions and under realistic conditions. This is the key to success!

We present to you one of our best products – the Barricade Waxed Canvas Bag PRO, which provides the greatest stability when shooting from difficult positions. In most cases, it can give stability equal to that of lying prone. The secret lies in the combination of shape, fabric and filling.

The shape of the Barricade Waxed Canvas Bag PRO is such that it fits any position and provides a flat and ergonomic area for placing the weapon. Thus, it significantly reduces the vibration of the scale in the optics, which in turn gives the shooter confidence to shoot at farther and smaller targets with considerable success.

The fabrics are combined to provide both strength and ergonomics in the areas where the weapon rests.

The bag is filled with glass sand, which absorbs vibrations from the weapon to the surface and back.

Technical specs:

The Barricade Waxed Canvas Bag PRO is made of two types of fabric – coated canvas and Cordura 500D. Its coating does not reflect infrared rays, making the product difficult to see with night vision devices.

There is a Velcro opening through which the bag filling can be adjusted according to the needs of the shooter.

There are double-sided Velcro strips sewn into the ends that allow the bag to be attached to the weapon or to other accessories.

It is equipped with a handle at one end, which allows for the bag to be carried quickly from position to position.

Dimensions: height 14 cm, width 11 cm, length 20 cm.

Weight: 3,900 kg.

Filling: glass sand

115,00 BGN
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