Marker stickers for correction turrets Price: 5 EU

  • Brand: LRP Long Range Precision
  • Cat No:STIC1

Long Range Precision (LRP) was founded by former military, current hunters and long-range shooters. We know how important stability during shooting is, especially if you only get one shot. Every LRP product is created by long-range shooters, and tested in real competitions and under realistic conditions.

The idea for this product was born during a competition. The Marker Stickers for Dials Corrections greatly reduce the chance of errors during shooting because they make it easier to set corrections for targets at different distances. With the help of the cut-out numbers in bright colors, the shooter can mark the adjustments of the dials extremely easily. This allows them to focus on the stability of the weapon and the accuracy of the shot.

Technical specs:

Marker Stickers for Dials Corrections are printed on waterproof self-adhesive vinyl.

The numbers 1 to 6 are cut in the shape of pins, and the fine black strip of the sticker becomes a continuation of the dial division.

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