Tuning Forend for Bergara B14 BMP without weights Price 325€

  • Brand: LRP Long Range Precision
  • Cat No:L001

We at Long Range Precision always strive to create the most practical shooting accessories.
As long-range shooters and Bergara B14 fans for the accuracy of its barrel, we developed a dedicated tuning for their most popular BMP chassis.
We present to you a forend that gives you the opportunity to improve the balance and stability of this very BMP chassis.
1. Balance
Inside the forend there is a slot for placing 4 weights of 211g each, compatible with the MDT weights. Thus, without disturbing the profile of your weapon, you can load the front part of the chassis with a total of 800 g.
* M-Lok channels located on both sides of the forend, where additional weights and other accessories can be mounted.
* M-Lok channel located on the bottom side of the forend, where a picatinny rail can be placed, depending on the bipod mounting.

* ARCA/SWISS is integrated into the base of the box, which allows you to attach a bipod, tripod, bag plate or other accessories with this type of attachment.

3. Fastening
The box is attached with 4 screws to the main chassis. This allows it to be taken off and on with great ease.

4. The cover
*Hard anodizing with special treatment for product finish.

5. Dimensions
* Weight: 0.500g
* Length: 430mm
* Width: 45mm
* Height: 35mm

5. Possibility of integration of barel up to 28mm






650,00 BGN
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