Sinus Brake PRICE 599€

  • Brand: SINUS BRAKE
  • Cat No:SINUS01

The Sinus Brake was developed as a hybrid of muzzle brake and tuner to combine the best features from both worlds. The specially designed and replaceable threaded adapter makes installing the brake a breeze. The built-in compensator system, as well as the precise alignment bubble make the Sinus Brake an absolute must-have for every Long Range and PRS shooter.

By simply twisting the tuner, the harmonics of the barrel are influenced in such a way that an optimized exit angle of the bullet is achieved. This is reflected in a tighter group size.

Both factory and self-loaded ammunition can be "tuned" precisely and easily.

Available in all common thread sizes. Designed and manufactured on the highest quality level to give you the edge when it counts.


dimensions thread adapter

all cylindrical: d 29,0 mm

conical 5/8x24, M18x1: d 23,5 mm

conical M15x1, M15x1 HK: d 20,0 mm



Installation of the thread adapter is done with 

a key that is not included in the price of the set. 

Ordered separately!! 


1x Hardcase with foam insert

1x Sinus Brake with selected adapter

1x business card with QS certificate

1x Allen wrench 2,5mm

1x Allen wrench 2mm

1x Flimmerband screw

2x M4x6 grub screws for tuner (1x mounted, 1x replacement)

11x M4x3 grub screws for compensator system/ thread adapter (9x mounted,2x replacement)

2x FFKM elastomer O-ring(1x mounted, 1x replacement)

1 195,00 BGN
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