BIG BAG XL Price-59€

  • Brand: LRP Long Range Precision
  • Cat No:XL01

Long Range Precision (LRP) was founded by former military, current hunters and long-range shooters. We know how important stability during shooting is, especially if you only get one shot. Every LRP product is created by long-range shooters, and tested in real competitions and under realistic conditions.

Introducing the Extra-Large Bag (XL)!

With its light weight (0.650 kg) and suitable size (height 21 cm, width 30 cm, length 37 cm), it was developed by T-Class competitors to support sniper rifle shooters in the most difficult situations by sealing the large rear support gap when shooting from a tripod, barricade, roof and other challenging positions.

Thanks to the two reinforced elastic bands, the Bag can be attached to a limb or to the weapon. It also features handles on both sides for quick and easy portability to the firing position. It is also equipped with an adjustable strap that can be tightened around the body. It has strong textile hanging strips in each corner. They allow the suspensor to be fixed in such a way as to obtain the best ergonomics depending on the needs of the position.

The Extra-Large Bag (XL) is made of high-quality waterproof fabric that is easy to clean. In modern sniper rifles competitions, it is an indispensable assistant that provides stability even in the most difficult positions.

Technical specs:

Made of durable and easy-to-clean fabric.

Two sewn-in reinforced elastics bands for easier attachment to the arm.

Features handles for easy portability.

Equipped with an adjustable suspensor.

Holders are sewn into each corner of the Bag to allow the suspensor’s attachment.

Dimensions: height 22 cm, width 22 cm, length 30 cm.

Weight: 0.650 kg.

Filling: Styrofoam balls.


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